ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bad and Boujee

Great news everyone, spring is finally here. Just as with autumn, spring is the perfect season for fashion. Lightweight, colorful, and more detailed designs that you can style as desired. I find myself being more fancy and boujee on campus during spring than any other season. The floral, the pastels, the bags, the combinations. My favorite part about fashion during spring.

The floral, the pastels, the bags, the combinations. My favorite part about fashion during spring is that you can work more details into your outfit. During winter or summer, something like that would be impossible due to having to wear too many layers or not enough layers. Let’s face it, accessorizing and putting too much effort in a look during extreme cold or hot weather is just not your cup of tea.

So, my little spring flowers I present you with a simple yet detailed outfit to rock on the campus: the B&B, aka the Bad and Boujee. If you feel that it’s still too early for colors because, truth be told, it is still a little bit cold, you can work with pastels, black, white, gray, beige. To be bad, you need textures such as leather/faux leather, satin, and lace. For the boujee part, I suggest gold or silver details.

Satin or silky looking bomber jackets are the bomb (pun intended). It can take your class-swag to a whole new level. Plus, it feels good to the touch. A nice print on the back would also be a perfect detail. Next up, a lacy top, or even better, a crop top. Lacey tops with a lot of details have been trending lately so I think it will make a nice, fashionable centerpiece for the look. Leather pants with small details? Where do I sign up? It’s the ultimate choice to show off your body and attract all the attention that you deserve. Who doesn’t feel bad ass with a leather piece?

Moving on to a different section. The holy trinity: shoes, bag, and accessories. Given that the weather is not yet suitable for sandals, espadrilles is a God given invention. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of espadrilles with cute designs and prints on the front. Either the same, or different, for a more playful and eye-catching look. As for the bag, I have been dying to wear my white and beige bags and put the black and brown ones where they belong—in the closet. A plain and chic looking bag will do the trick. Oversize bags are back in fashion so no more struggling on where you can carry your whole house in a bag. For the final touch, a golden watch, an elegant pair of hoop earrings, and a slaying manicure. Congratulations, you have now mastered the art of the B&B.