ALL IN THE DETAILS: Back to Basics

July 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Over-accessorizing: we’ve all been guilty of it at some point in our lives. Accessories are crucial elements in the unity and cohesion of our day-to-day outfits. Add too little and your outfit seems incomplete, add too many and you could end up looking like you’re a five-year-old playing dress up. The balance is important and not easy to attain. This is where basics come into play. Whether you’re a pro when it comes to accessorizing or not, you can always turn to the classic and stress-free basic accessories.

The spectrum of accessories ranges from simple and basic to flashy and over-the-top. Though accessories all across the spectrum deserve a chance in the limelight, the basics are almost always appropriate and that’s what makes them my personal go-to. Jewelry in silver or gold, and sunglasses and handbags in neutral colors can be added to outfit, no matter how busy the outfit may appear pre-accessories. On the other hand, these specific accessories can be added to a plain outfit and help maintain a clean and simple look.

This Fashionista displays this type of accessorizing with ease. Though her outfit before accessories is very simple in terms of silhouette and color, she utilizes the accessories to make her entire look consistently chic. With all silver jewelry, including an understated geometric set of necklaces and a watch and chain bracelet on her left wrist, the Fashionista uses accessories to complete her minimalistic ensemble. My favorite part of the Fashionista’s look is the studded, off-white handbag which adds just a touch of femininity. By sticking to a neutral color scheme throughout both her clothing and accessories, this Fashionista shows us that basic isn’t so bad after all.

How To: Find accessories that will go perfectly with almost any look. Simple jewelry and handbags are a must to have on standby; work on your collection of basics and you’ll never sweat accessorizing again.