Hello fellow Fashionistas! This week I am reporting from the absolutely beautiful city of London, England. Before this trip, I had no clue how stylish these English people can be. Now that I am in the heart of the city, I have been able to be inspired from the left, right and center! So this week, I am giving you a little taste of the street style I have come across while being here.

A trend that I have seen while I have been traveling around Europe is the emphasis on basics. When I say the “emphasis on basics,” I mean that a majority of the actual clothes people wear are very simple and versatile. Nothing is too overdone or too embellished, and many of the pieces they wear are transformable and can be either dressed up or dressed down. To put it simply, many of the clothes they wear are staple items, meaning they’re pieces that every Fashionista should include in their wardrobe. Some of these items, in my opinion, include a little black dress, solid-colored tank tops, a pair of well fitting skinny jeans and black, leather ankle boots.

What makes these staple items in your wardrobe so helpful is that you can create a variety of looks using the same pieces over and over again by pairing them with a different combination of accessories every time. This Fashionista chose to pair this plain army green dress with a pair of sassy tortoise shell sunglasses, a leopard print messenger bag and a pair of black, the leather boots. What I love about this look is how the high neckline of the dress makes it conservative in a way. So when she pairs it with accessories that have edgy elements, such as the leopard print and the chain detailing on the bag and the leather boots, an edgy vibe is created. If she chose to pair this dress with very preppy elements, such as a white clutch, a pair of espadrilles or boat shoes and a straw sun hat, a very preppy vibe is created. As long as you strategically pick the accessories you dress your outfit with, you can alter your look and re-wear it multiples times.

I hope this motivated all you fellow Fashionistas to reach into your closet and get the most use of your basics!

How To: Pair some basics together, like a plain tank top and a pair of shorts. Then, pair your outfit with some accessories and tailor it to a specific look. If you want something more classy and preppy, stick to gold accessories, lighter colors and navy blue. If you want to go for a more grunge look, try to stick to dark colors, silver accents and leather or suede fabrics. Make sure all the accessories complement each other in your ensemble and you are good to go!