A pivotal element of an outfit can be defined by something as simple as one tiny detail. Just one thing can transform a whole look from ordinary to extraordinary. As Fashionistas and Fashionistos, details are very important, because they have a great affect on the look. Just because an outfit is simple and maybe even boring, does not mean it has to stay that way. By paying extra attention to seemingly minute details, any outfit can come out of its rut and become something fun or unique. Details give us the opportunity to add our personal touch to outfits.

This Fashionista took advantage of details in her look. By sneaking in accessories and drawing attention to small details in the outfit, her personal style can shine through. The first detail she utilized to her advantage is her accessories. Her simple beaded necklace and cross-body chain detailed bag add extra elements to the outfit without being too much. The color choices of the outfit are another detail that make the outfit unique. The colors in the outfit make for a sharp contrast, but in a good way. The pale blue tank top pops against the dark black high-waisted shorts. The short’s lace detail along the bottom also create a feminine touch to the outfit.

The star of the show in this outfit, however, is in the back. The way she tied up her top makes it personal and unique to her style. The black bralette peeking out from underneath the pale blue top creates a strappy effect, that is perfect for summer. The back details also allow this Fashionista to show some skin on a hot summer day, without being too revealing. The details of the back are complete with her low bun hairstyle and make her outfit seem effortless, yet fun.

By paying attention to detail, your one-of-a-kind Fashionista/o style can break through effortlessly.

How To: Choose a top that has a unique back, as well as one that contrasts the color of your bottoms. If you choose, wear a pretty bralette underneath for a strappy effect. Accessorize to a minimum.