ALL IN THE DETAILS: As The Boldness Turns

Anyone can rock a minimal look and pull it off, but sometimes you just have to add some bit of flair to a look that can be dull. Some may spice up a minimalistic look by adding some flashy jewelry, whilst others may add on a statement hat to draw in the attention to the outfit more. As well, the Fashionista/o could wear some awesome kicks to bring the outfit around full circle. What’s most important is for the look to have its own story and own character. Now, don’t get me wrong—we aren’t trying to be the next J. Alexander with unique avant garde outfits that tell a story of their own, but rather people that express themselves through how they dress. Leading by example, this Fashionista took on a look that is rather compelling to anyone.

There are some basic concepts in the look: white, lace and a pair of culottes that do not make her look short. Although, the details are what stand out the most. The first thing you’re drawn to have to to be the mermaid hair. I mean, are we looking at Azealia Banks’ twin right now? The striking blue is pretty and great, as it contrasts well with her skin tone. As well, the rose gold watch is pretty gorgeous. Rose gold has been making its way through the scene now and at this point, we never want to see it go! You can sign me up for about five, please.

In addition, the pink peep toe heels are just to die for. They’re daring, bold and they mean business! They bring a great flare to this look, and make you come back running for more! Even though the culottes are pretty common, these white ones are just everything. From the fit to the fabric, they were made for summer. Also, who can go run with a lace top in the summer? Of course, no female, that’s who.

How To: Anyone can rock this look, as long as you have the bold pieces to help the core! The most ideal look would start off with the base, which would consist of a black or white matching top and bottom. Once that is out of the way, go crazy with bold shoes, accessories, etc! Don’t worry, you’ll look better than you imagine.