Winter is finally here! And while that may mean long, puffy coats with furry hoods for some, this Fashionista found a way to put her own spin on her look with accessories! She chose her timeless, staple pieces to complement this look.

“Accessories are my favorite part of any outfit,” this Fashionista explains. “They add such a cool personal touch to any look, and no two people accessorize the same way.” This Fashionista emphasizes her personal touch with one of her favorite rings that she wears every day. She told me the ring is made from an Italian coin that she purchased while she was in Italy this summer. “I wear it every day because it reminds of the amazing summer I had,” she says.

Aside from the ring, another accessory that this Fashionista can not live without is her black Frye boots. “I love these boots because they are such a great staple piece and go with every outfit,” she says. While Frye is this Fashionista’s favorite brand, she wants to emphasize that any black boot will achieve the same look. This Fashionista also says that one of her favorite things about her boots are that they are so easy to pull on and off. “They are so easy to throw on when you’re running late and rushing out the door; no zippers or laces to mess with and slow you down.”

How To: You can imitate this look by simply adding a favorite piece of jewelry and pair of boots to any ensemble. Any personal touches can bring any outfit to life! Here’s another example of a great staple piece that would look awesome with any outfit!