ALL IN THE DETAILS: Are You Staring At My Bag?

There isn’t a better way to dress up an outfit than wearing the perfect bag. Well, there’s a great pair of shoes, a great necklace or maybe even lipstick, but, you get the point. Purses start off as an accessory, and eventually become that thing that you’re basing your whole outfit around. I am a self-proclaimed handbag fanatic, so it was meant to be that I spotted this Fashionista.

This Fashionista wears a side split T-shirt in gray and white. Splits became especially popular in 2012 when celebrities would rock a one sided split on their gorgeous runway gowns. In 2014, a new avant-garde style was introduced, instead of one split, there were two. Kendall Jenner’s 2014 MMVA’s gown by Fausto Puglisi popularized this look. It’s half way through 2015 and we are still seeing this look everywhere. Slits aren’t just a runway gown thing anymore and this Fashionista proves that you can work a slit without being overly dressed up by pairing her top with a pair of black denim shorts.

Although, the slits are an eye-catcher, you can’t help but stare at this Fashionista’s purse. She wears a Michael Kors cross-body that almost forces you to ask when you could borrow it (I told you guys I was a fanatic). Between the gold chain and the taupe color, the handbag definitely turns this outfit up a couple of notches. Not only is this bag trendy, but also it is so versatile. You could wear it with your favorite little black dress, or just as this Fashionista proves, with a casual Friday night outfit. There are so many options when it comes to finding the right handbag. Unfortunately, we can’t have all of them, so when it comes to searching, follow in the steps of this Fashionista and find a bag that makes you feel great!

How To: Did you just buy a new bag and have no idea how to wear it? Throw it on with a pair of jeans or follow this Fashionista and wear it with your favorite shorts. Experiment with different ways to wear it and you’ll be surprised which looks you love most!