Excited or not the end of summer is drawing near. We’ve all started to pull our plastic tubs and pop-up laundry baskets from storage in preparation for the fall semester. I am trying to take advantage of the time I have left to play around with bright color in my wardrobe while I still can. As I was window shopping downtown this weekend I noticed this Fashionista because of her bold summer color combination.

Mixing two bright colors can be daunting, but this Fashionista pulled it off without a hitch! Her base piece was a simple strapless maxi dress with a synched waist. I love having versatile pieces, such as this one, in my closet. Not only are simple maxi dresses comfortable, but also they are perfect for a number of activities and events. My favorite detail of the dress is the drawstring waist. It adds a fun yet simple twist to the look.

Now, let’s focus on the detail that makes this outfit so fabulous! This Fashionista successfully combined two bright summer colors, which can be quite challenging. If you’re seeking to try your hand at this trend but need some guidance the color wheel is a good place to start. First choose the color you want to focus on, this Fashionista selected red orange or coral. Next, look for its complement by finding the color directly across from it on the wheel. The complement to this Fashionista’s red orange is a blue green or aqua hue. Add pops of the complement with accessories! This Fashionista selected a bold aqua statement necklace and a small purse. Her selections added the perfect pop without being overpowering.

This fun look can be taken in so many different directions. Make sure to try as many combinations as you need to until you find your perfect fit!

How To: To achieve this look it is important to remember that you can be as bold or minimal as you want. Choose a color to start with and go from there. If you want a dramatic look try mixing a bold blouse and pant. If you want a more subtle pop try sticking to accessories. Keep the footwear simple by selecting a neutral pair of wedges or sandals!