Some things in life are simply inevitable, such as love, growing old, awkward moments, me procrastinating on all my papers—okay maybe not the last one, but in one way or another, fate touches us all. The Latin phrase “Amor Fati” translates to “lover of one’s fate.” This Fashionista is accepting all that may come her way through her carefree style.

This Fashionista styles her look with a skinny waist belt. Skinny waist belts are super useful! Not only are they cute but they also can cinch in your waistline, elongate the bottom half of your body and really complete an outfit. A belt can really enhance the best features of your body and create a gorgeous silhouette without you even stepping into the gym.

Another detail I love about this look is the blouse. The floral chiffon button-down this Fashionista is wearing effortlessly accentuates her outfit. Since her skirt is of a thicker texture, the blouse does not compete with it. Also since the blouse in fairly thin, if desired, you could layer more clothing on top.

How To: Go grab your favorite T-shirt and instead of going with the jeans you typically wear it with, pair it with a fitted pencil skirt. Take a chiffon button-up, but instead of buttoning it let it drape over you. Now it’s time to accessorize! Statement necklaces really make this look much more stylish, and since this is a pretty simple outfit it’s okay to amp up the jewelry. Bracelets are always a good idea. Try to match the bracelet color to the colors in the T-shirt like this Fashionista did. Try your hand at skinny waist belts to complete your look. Last, but definitely not least, for your shoes throw on some cork wedges to match. Suddenly you’re an Amor Fati too!