ALL IN THE DETAILS: All With A Necklace

We get it, sometimes you wake up in the morning and just feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear. Or maybe you just do not care enough this morning to actually look through your closet and try to put something cute together. We have all been there. The easiest thing to do is to throw on a chunky statement necklace over something super simple. Simple never looks bad. A plain shirt and pair of shorts or pants will do, and bring it all together with the accessories. This gives an illusion that you actually spent time getting ready this morning instead of hitting the snooze button seven times or making two extra cups of coffee.

This weeks Fashionista was running late this morning and threw on a simple pair of shorts and brightly colored shirt. She matched the shirt with a necklace that made the simple pairing look like a complete and put together outfit.

A losse and light shirt is the way to go in the summer, especially if you live in Florida.  Staying cool is hard no matter where you go. Just remember that being comfortable is the most important thing. A cute light shirt like this one or this one is perfect to throw on on a hot day. Pair it with a necklace like this and you are good to go!

How To: Always have a few statement accessories that are neutral and match a lot of the things in your closet. This simplifies your getting ready time and never fails to look super cute.