ALL IN THE DETAILS: All That Glitters Is Gold

June 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Now that the warm weather has hit us full swing, I often find myself getting lazy due to the heat. Sometimes it is hard not to feel sluggish and worn out from the scorching 90 degree weather. Finding the energy to get dressed can become a real bother. However, getting dressed and actually looking cute is a simple task if you have a cute dress in your wardrobe! Dresses are so nice because not only will you look put together, but it is a no-brainer. There is no fuss and no need to worry if this top matches that bottom and whatnot. For a fun summer print, floral is the way to go! It is an easy way to add some femininity and pops of color to make your outfit interesting.

This Fashionista decided to take it up a notch. She went with a floral sweetheart dress and opted for a more elevated look by adding various gold jewelry. I am always a sucker for a good statement necklace, and I almost feel like this Fashionista knew that! Her gold necklace is eye-catching and draws the attention to her stylish ensemble. To match the necklace, she went with the arm candy trend and stacked up on multiple gold bracelets and bangles for a carefree, boho vibe. I loved looking at each one because they were all so unique, but when worn together, they created the perfect set of bling.

Having lots of jewelry on hand is an easy way to elevate your wardrobe. A plain white T-shirt can instantly become chic by pairing it with an awesome statement necklace. Investing in interesting jewelry is a must because you can wear your jewelry with so many different outfits versus spending money on a shirt that you cannot wear repeatedly every day. Trust me, you will get so much use out of these accessories. Not to mention, there are so many stores that offer affordable and trendy jewelry.

How To: Need a way to add some interest to your outfit? Statement jewelry has the ability to instantly transform a boring outfit into a trendy, fashionable outfit. The more the better; layer and stack your jewelry for a new look.