ALL IN THE DETAILS: All That Glitters Is Gold!

We all have our fashion faults. Mine? Not being able to consistently wear accessories. I’m that girl who will buy a necklace or a pair of earrings and wear them five times only to never wear them again. It’s too much work to take everything off and put them back on again day after day. I guess when it comes down to it, I’m lazy. Fear not, I plan to change that as it is one of my resolutions as we continue into 2015.

This brings me to this week’s Fashionista. She was decked out in a cool boho/grunge vibe that I was feeling, but it was her accessories that really caught my attention. The common theme of gold accessories, from the hardware on her steel blue pocketbook, to the gold elements on her Ray-Ban sunglasses really made the different styles mesh in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible.

I would have never even thought to bring together grunge elements like her combat boots and green army jacket, with boho elements like her shirt and sunglasses. This Fashionista gave me style envy and made me run home to try and recreate her outfit from the findings in my own closet. Yes, this means I did put on accessories, if only for a short period of time.

Now, if I remembered to put them back on the next morning, that’s a completely different story.

How To: Interested in mixing different styles into one outfit? It doesn’t have to be so tricky! Just make sure you ground your outfit by having similar elements throughout your look like this Fashionista did with her gold accents!