I will be the first to admit it—life is B O R I N G without jewelry of course, colorful jewels to be precise! There is nothing like a big and bright necklace to complete an outfit; am I right? So, ditch that same piece you always wear instinctively and go for something a little out there!

This week’s Fashionista is the perfect example of how to make this look your own. Notice how she hasn’t overdone it but rather, her top, pants and boots are simple enough to not clash with the stunning colors of her bright bauble.

To start things off, it is essential to find the right statement piece and then tailor your outfit around that. There are endless options out there but J.Crew has some really fun ones; this is a personal favorite! Next work on finding a suitable top to complement, but not fight with, your jewels. Typically I would recommend plain colors (white, black, brown, grey), unless there is a color that really puts the accessory on display. This Fashionista’s necklace has several eye-popping colors and thus, she stuck with a simple white tank top (I don’t know about your part of the country but North Carolina has been experiencing a major heat wave!). A  good example is this top from Free People. If layering necklaces is more your thing then this tank is perfect for you. As for pants, you can choose anything from jeans to leggings. This Fashionista is sporting a great pair of jeggings, which are no-hassle and easy to clean! Some people feel a tad bare in just a pair of thin leggings/jeggings so if you are looking for a thicker pant, try a light wash pair of jeans. Finally, keep your shoes simple and tasteful; a pair of flats or a short bootie will nicely complete the look (your purchase of these booties from TOMS will directly benefit someone in need through their One to One business model).

So, this week’s tip? Spice up an otherwise plain outfit with a knockout necklace. Try to say that ten times fast! My charge to you: find your favorite necklace, get out there and strut your stuff, ladies. For all you guys reading this – try the same sort of thing but, instead, wear a wild printed shirt!

How To: Unsure of what to wear with that insanely unique piece of jewelry your Aunt Suzy gifted to you for your birthday? NOT TO FEAR. Keep it understated and pair it with a basic color scheme. This goes for any piece of jewelry including earrings, bracelets and necklaces!