ALL IN THE DETAILS: All-Black Everything

ALL IN THE DETAILS: All-Black Everything

Black will always be my favorite color, no matter the season. Black is the most versatile color to wear, in my opinion, and can go from classy to casual with the right accessories. I will admit that it is never a good idea to wear a black turtleneck in the middle of summer unless you magically have the ability to not sweat, but there are tons of options when it comes to black. The right pieces can upgrade your standard T-shirt and jeans ensemble from average to chic almost instantly. The simplest outfit can become something special if you know how to accessorize it.

This Fashionista’s shoes are on the edgier side for some people, but a great way to add interest to an outfit without too much effort. While they may not be within everyone’s comfort zone, chunkier heeled shoes have made a comeback in a major way. This is a plus for the Fashionistas that find themselves kicking their heels off almost as soon as they put them on. If you are just starting to experiment with your shoe choices, it might be good to begin with a shorter chunky heel.

The dark, round framed sunglasses compliment her black halter mini dress and add a quirky finishing touch to the outfit. The simplicity works because her accessories are able to take center stage (and because if it’s in black, you’re already #winning.)

How To: If you want to experiment with any edgier or quirkier black accessory, but don’t feel comfortable wearing it during the day, try it at night! You’ll be too busy having fun to feel self-conscious about your accessories and your pictures might be even cuter.