February 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

One of the great parts of any outfit are the details. The details of an outfit can take your look to the next level and make sure that your outfit goes above and beyond just being normal. For this look, this Fashionista played up all of her accessories so that her outfit was able to create an element of edge.

When styling this outfit, my Fashionista friend centered her entire look around her shoes. The patterned hardware on her slip-on sneakers are enough to catch any fashion lover’s eye. Whether paired with leggings or jeans, these shoes have to ability to add an edge to any outfit.

However, the making of this Fashionista’s edgy outfit does not simply stop at her shoes. To keep the element of edge going, she paired her leggings with an embellished chiffon top. The contrast of the light, white fabric and the metal embellishment gives the outfit an element of femininity but also adds to the edge of the look. On top of that is a mixed material jacket made up of olive green body and leather sleeves. The leather sleeves add yet another edgy element, but do not overwhelm the entire look since the leather only take up a portion of the jacket.

To finish this look, this Fashionista continued to accessorize by adding hard metal jewelry with her bracelets, rings and necklaces and finished off the look with a pair of her fiercest sunglasses. This outfit contains the perfect balance of femininity and edge and is a look that anyone can accomplish!

How To: If you are looking to mimic this Fashionista’s look all you have to do is check out the accessories you already own. Just like this Fashionista did, pick a detailed item out of your closet that could catch anyone’s attention on its own and then continue to build of that piece with other accessories. Another key to playing up the details in your clothes is to keep a theme in mind. While for this look it was edge, when creating your own look it can be any theme you like and having that theme in mind will definitely help you narrow down and edit the accessories you choose to show off.