ALL IN THE DETAILS: Adorable Adornment

Summer is often a difficult time to elevate your outfit game to the next level, simply because of the weather. It’s humid and sticky, which makes layering pieces a tricky and sometimes even an uncomfortable task; so the question is: how does one boost their look this time of year? My favorite way is through statement jewelry and purses. Accessories are a great way to enhance any and every look. I especially love that you can implement those kinds of pieces into so many outfits without fear of feeling like Lizzie McGuire when Kate Sanders called her out for being an “outfit repeater.” Accessories are great to re-wear and reincorporate into different ensembles.

This particular Fashionista’s outfit is a solid 10/10 in my book. She goes for a great summer dress that has a charming pattern and fabulous shape. Cream is a great hue to incorporate into your wardrobe because it not only helps show off your sun-kissed tan, but works as a swell neutral color so you can experiment and play with your adornment.

With this beautiful Free People dress as the base of this Fashionista’s outfit, she already is on the right track to having the perfect summer outfit. However, she brings her outfit to the next level by adding the right jewelry, bag and shoes. With this 90 degree weather in Chicago, adding extra layers with a fun jacket or sweater simply isn’t an option, so we have to find other ways to improvise for that extra “oomph” effect.

She stayed more on the neutral path with her accessories, which is the route I tend to also take. Her rose gold purse has a great shimmer that stands out amongst her outfit, but it’s not too over-the-top (not to say that a bright colored purse or necklace wouldn’t also look great!). She chooses to keep her look nice and simple with the perfect monogrammed necklace, gold bracelet and English saddle-colored sandals to complete the look.

I also find it important to recognize that these particular hues are perfect for just about any summer occasion. For all we know she could potentially be going to lunch with friends, summer class, an internship or even grocery shopping—regardless, we want to go where this stunning Fashionista is headed!

How To: Have a plain dress that’s been sitting in the back of your closet? Pull that baby out and layer some fun jewelry and throw on your favorite sandals for your next day out and about. You’ll be sure to draw some eyes to your enticing look!