ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessorizing 101

When in doubt, wear accessories! Items as simple as a pendant paired with a couple of rings or bracelets can be the difference between a plain look and a more remarkable one. When used correctly, accessories always take an outfit to the next level.

This Fashionista is rocking her denim dress! Its light fabric and length make it easy to wear on any given day. You can never go wrong with denim; it’s a timeless classic. I couldn’t help but feel attracted to the laid back vibe projected by her look, which is emphasized by the addition of the baseball cap. This accessory makes the outfit look more put together while keeping it casual at the same time. The darker shade of blue adds a pleasant, monochromatic touch. The white Keds further reinforce the casual theme and provide comfort. Overall, this look makes the Fashionista seem cool and inviting. It is also very practical and adaptable to different events— she is the girl who can attend a Yankees game and grab drinks with her friends all in the same day.

This outfit wouldn’t be as interesting without all these accessories. The small pineapple and giraffe rings are playful, and they discreetly express her feminine side. The watch matches her nail polish and moon pendant; together, they add a funky twist to the overall look. And let’s not forget about the plaid backpack! It finishes off the look with a fun pop of color.

How To: Go for similar laid back looks by pairing light colored dresses with comfortable shoes. I dare you to be a little sassy by adding some fun accessories such as hats, sunglasses and jewelry for a more complete look.