ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessorize With Purpose

Hello my fellow fashion followers! This will be my last post from Indiana University before heading to Italy for the semester. I thought it was only fitting to talk about winter wardrobes before I escape the snow.

It is so easy to fall into the pattern of wearing baggy sweatshirts and sweatpants when heading to class with snow on the ground. As we begin a new semester of classes, making an amazing first impression should not be hindered by a winter wardrobe slump. You don’t have to let the cold get the better of your style! With the addition of smart accessories to your wardrobe, staying warm can also mean staying fashion forward.

This Fashionista is looking cozy and trendy with her favorite winter accessory, the blanket scarf. Blanket scarves can be worn in so many ways and are the perfect edition to any casual outfit. Paired with a textured vest and maroon sweater, this scarf is the focal point of her look without overpowering it. Her Frye boots are an expensive, but a well-worth-it component of her look. If you are looking to thrive on a budget like I am, the Steve Madden Moto Boot is a perfect, less-expensive substitute.

Dressing for the whether shouldn’t automatically mean dressing down. This Fashionista found the perfect balance between warmth and grace. You too can maintain your style throughout the winter months; it’s all in the details!

How To: Hesitant to rock the blanket scarf because you don’t know how to wrap it properly? There are a variety of ways to style the blanket scarf, but my favorite is simpler to accomplish than you might think. Fold the scarf into a triangle by matching up two, opposite corners. After this easy fold, wrap the scarf around your neck. Folding the scarf in this fashion before wrapping it around your neck makes the scarf appear less bulky.