ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessories, Please

This Fashionista is channeling her inner diva with a white lace romper. Who doesn’t love lace these days? The material is very lightweight and adorable. Also, the color white couldn’t be any more refreshing with this weather. Pieced together with a pair of silver sandals, this Fashionista is ready for any event.

We’ve all heard the saying that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but in this case, anything that sparkles and adds spice to her wardrobe will suffice. The purpose of an accessory is to give that extra oomph, therefore one could never have too many. This fierce Fashionista is wearing a two-in-one necklace, one a feather and the other a tassel. It doesn’t stop there— she also has on a baby blue daisy headband, statement earrings, and two-toned Fossil watch with both a Pandora and Victoria Lynn bracelet. Though it may seem like a lot, they mesh well together.

Headbands aren’t necessary, but they are fabulous. Even though the color blue isn’t displayed anywhere else, it’s okay. Never be afraid to add a pop of color.

Earrings— like necklaces— are really cute and fun. Their is no limit to what you can wear them with. This Fashionista chose a bold circular earring covered in rhinestones that accords flawlessly with her lace romper.

Pandora bracelets are special because they allow you to personalize and choose from a wide variety of charms that best describes your interests.

Victoria Lynn has become a popular brand of designer jewelry. The crystal accent pieces are classy, ranging from all sorts of vibrant colors. Seen on this Fashionista is a clear crystal Victoria Lynn. The clear crystals go well with the garment and array of accessories— even the silver sandals, gold necklaces and rhinestone earrings. They in no way clash with one another, but more so add to each other.

How To: Interested on how to sport a similar look? No problem. Lace rompers can be found in retail stores such as Forever 21 and Target, as well as local boutiques. Accessories like headbands, necklaces and earrings are not hard to access by any means. They can be bought from beauty supply stores, well-known supermarkets like Walmart, retail stores and more. It’s a plus that they are all inexpensive, too. Depending on the look you’re going for doesn’t matter much because accessories are lively pieces meant to experiment and comply with your wardrobe.