ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessories Are a Girl's Best Friend

July 26th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessories Are a Girl's Best Friend

If there’s ever a time to have fun with our accessories, it’s now. July is almost through and summer is fleeting. Before we set our fall class schedules and freak out over the cost of our textbooks, let’s raise some hell. Push school out of your minds and soak up everything that comes with summer break—bold prints, colored sunnies and natural curls.

This Fashionista has everything on our checklist. Bold print—check. Colored sunnies— check. Natural curls—check. From her mixed-print shift dress to her crocodile textured clutch, everything about this outfit is on point. This Fashionista perfectly shows us the art of matching without being “matchy-matchy.” She chose accessories that are all different colors, but subtly pick up tones in one another. The metallic nature of her sandals picks up the silver detail on her clutch, while the white platform picks up the white rim of her sunglasses.

As I always say, your attitude is the best accessory. Our outfits of the day aren’t only about what we wear or even how we style things and put them together. The way you feel in what you wear is what matters. One important thing to remember is to always dress for yourself and no one else. As long as you feel good, no contradicting opinion matters.

How To: If you’re wearing a look that has you lost on which accessories work best, go with your favorites. Wear those new cat-eye sunglasses. Wear the suede choker you wear practically everyday. Wear the leather backpack you’re obsessed with. Wear what you love and put some fun in everything you do.