ALL IN THE DETAILS: Access Those Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Whether you’re wearing an outfit that speaks for itself or let your jewelry or handbag do the talking, the possibilities are endless. There has to be cohesiveness between clothing and accessories. One thing I love about summer is the combination of simple clothing choices with fun jewelry and sometimes a statement piece here and there. Lounging at the beach is all about being practical and comfortable, but don’t forget your youth and have fun!

This Fashionista embodies the perfect summer balance. From her high-waisted black shorts and nautical striped T-shirt, to brown Rainbow flip flops, this clean get-up has “summer” written all over it.

But as great as that all is, I’m more focused on her accessories. This Fashionista chose to mix gold and silver Alex and Ani charm bracelets (and the other!) to correlate with her two-tone Rolex watch. These pieces are sophisticated, while her friendship bracelets and colored accent rings on her right hand represent her adolescence. She has a toe ring on both feet, along with an anklet on her left ankle. She decided to layer a monogrammed necklace along with charms from her life experiences, adding a personal touch.

This Fashionista’s black cross-body bag is a staple item. It’s perfect for any occasion; whether a Saturday night out with friends or dinner with your family, it’s a must-have. But saving the best for last, I absolutely love these tortoise shell sunglasses. Blenders Eye Wear is a company that makes cute and fashionable sunglasses at an affordable price. These are definitely the “it” sunglasses of the summer. After seeing this Fashionista rocking a pair of them, I know I must have a pair myself.

If there’s one thing I truly struggle with in my own wardrobe, it’s taking advantage of wearing accessories. I typically wear the same necklace every day, given to me by my parents when I was a teenager, and go between the same three different handbags. After seeing how this Fashionista rocked her accessories, I’ll definitely be taking some notes.

How To: This Fashionista’s look is the definition of simplicity without having to be boring. A more neutral color palette for your clothes allows you to make some bolder choices with your accessories. For this Fashionista, it was black shorts and a striped shirt. But that doesn’t have to be your take! Blue denim shorts are always a great choice to pair with a solid T-shirt. From there, have some fun layering your jewelry and rocking a handbag by your side!