Being at home for the break is always fun. It’s the time you get to see old friends, go to all your favorite places or just sit home with the family and binge, binge watch that is. Sometimes though, being home means you miss the Fashionistas you see walking around on campus. For me at least, being home is often when I spend the most time surfing the net. I am looking at different blogs for fashion inspiration. I also surf the pavement. Block after block, that’s what we call city streets in the NYC. Just walking around in Brooklyn, I am inspired. From the graffiti on a wall to green or red light globes that greet you as you enter a train station.

While walking to the G train (the only train in NYC that does not go into Manhattan), I bumped into this Fashionista.

They say the beauty is in the details and that rang true with this Fashionista’s outfit. The base of her outfit: a simple cream, turtleneck dress and tights allow for her to add great details. The detail that stood out was her silver booties. Booties are a trend that you can’t wait to see. They generally go away for the summer and come back to town just before the first leaf sashays from the tree branches, eventually followed by other orange, burgundy and yellow hued leaves. Her silver metallic booties add an extra dimension to her outfit. This Fashionista’s boots allowed for her to pair a burgundy coat and black and cream clutch to her outfit while tying everything together with sterling silver rings adorning several of her fingers.

So if you tend to be on the daring side don a pair of booties that are not black and take your outfit to the next level.

How To: These silver booties can be worn with several different outfits, and they are definitely a statement piece. You can try pairing them with neutral colors or a color that complements silver such as maroon.