ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Spot Of Sunshine

Even though it’s summer and the sun is out more than ever, there are still so many days where the sky is full of clouds. So, what better way to keep the sun out all of the time then with a little pop of color?

In this Fashionista’s outfit, she styles a pair of striped pants with a black T-shirt, wooden pendant and a yellow bandana. The bandana really completes the outfit and gives it another level of personality that represents who she is and her style. Personally, I love to try to mix as many colors and patterns as possible and still create an outfit that makes sense. Because of this, I found myself really drawn to the way this Fashionista could also mix different patterns and colors, but in a very different manner than I would ever think about going about it. The combination of blue stripes, a wooden necklace and solid colored top creates a monochromatic and neutral color palette. However, once paired with a yellow bandana, the feel of the outfit completely changes and gives off happy and calming vibes. A simple pop of color can change everything!

In order to mimic this look, it’s important to first consider how you could use a bit of color in your own personal wardrobe and style. Fashion is all about being yourself and representing who you are through what you wear; no two Fashionistas are ever the same!

How To: Consider your favorite ways to accessorize. Bandanas are very affordable and can be purchased practically anywhere, but here is an interesting take on the bandana motif that could serve as an exciting addition to a neutral outfit. Pair this with a slightly patterned pair of pants or a patterned skirt, in order to give the outfit a bit more and texture and excitement. Finally, throw on a solid colored top, and you’re golden!