ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Simply Striped Statement

Who has ever looked in their closet and realized that the majority of things they own consists of black and white? This week’s Fashionista can raise her hand on that one. While she is slaying in the black and white clothing, how can one pull it off on a daily basis? Easy, by simply just adding details. Details step up this Fashionista’s drab habit of the black and white game. She simply added a statement piece and made her habit into a look for the Fashionista’s book of best dressed.

It’s not a must to go out and buy some different colored clothing now. It’s simply finding the perfect statement piece. This Fashionista chose to use a statement necklace and jeweled shoes to class up her black and white habit. By adding the statement necklace, her outfit became complete with head to toe perfection. The bigger the better with statement necklaces and simple crop tops like the one this Fashionista is wearing. With an outfit like this she can find herself stepping out from her closet and loving her now not-so-drab-habit.

How To: Spice up your black and white wardrobe by following some of these fashion tips from this weeks Fashionista. To create a similar look all one must need is a simple crop top, your favorite pair of shorts and a statement piece (necklace shown in pictures). Pairing a basic crop top with a statement necklace can create a casual look into a more classic look. So go on and find your statement piece and amp up your wardrobe.