ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Pretty Plaid Princess

Here at Penn State, we are not used to seeing the sun, so shades or a hat aren’t necessary. The chances of good weather here are slim so when it snows and you wake up in a good mood, take the opportunity to jazz up your outfit for the day. That might mean cute boots paired with a fun sweater, or a thick skirt with a funky hat; the options are endless.

When I woke up and saw the first big snow fall, I got so excited. I was really hoping to take this opportunity to find a Fashionista/o to photograph. While walking around on campus, this Fashionista caught my eye. Her daring plaid skirt and big, floppy hat were something you don’t normally see in the winter, but it worked.

While many Fashionistas/os wear some sort of funky pants in the winter and snow, this Fashionista decided to go with a skirt. I saw her and I immediately felt the need to write about how unique she was dressed. The Burberry-inspired wool skirt was a huge staple in her detailed look. She used the floppy hat as another detailed accessory, but also used it to shield her eyes from the reflective snow. Finding accessories that aren’t just fashionable, but useful as well, is super accomplishing so I give this Fashionista a round of applause.

By covering up with a long, wool jacket, she was able to add even more depth to her adorable look, while also keeping herself warm. The black knee-high boots added a contrast from the neutral tones of her outfit and covered up most of her legs. This Fashionista is creative and scrappy. Definitely take notes!

How To: If you feel like spicing up your look during the winter, try a thick skirt paired with knee-high boots and a super warm sweater. Complement this look with fun accessories and you’re good to go.