On the East Coast, most of us miss out on popular music festivals like Coachella, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t channel our inner hippie. Cool sunglasses and wide leg pants are iconic pieces known for their popularity in the ’70s. This Fashionista channeled Woodstock with a colorful twist. This outfit could have easily gone in a different direction if she had left out her satchel bag or the groovy sunglasses. A simple outfit can easily be taken to the next level with the use of color and has the potential to be spectacular just by adding cool accessories.

Even though this Fashionista wore an all-black outfit, she remembered to include key accessories so that her outfit still stands out. A bright red cross-body bag made this outfit a great fashion statement against her dark clothes. The contrast in colors is eye-catching and instantly draws your attention to that vibrant bag. Along with her circle-rimmed glasses and faux locs, she is giving off a cool bohemian vibe. The printed palazzo pants provide an airy aspect that is ideal for combatting the summer heat. Wide leg palazzo pants have become a huge trend for the summer this year and this Fashionista’s has an elephant print that adds a fun, youthful feeling. Even if this Fashionista didn’t have any of her awesome accessories, the pants alone would have brought a ton of personality to her outfit.

How To: A great way to recreate your own version of this outfit is to first choose one neutral color such as black, white, gray or khaki. Then, to take it to the next step, add a bright colored purse of orange, yellow or the soft pastels shades of pink and blue. It definitely takes a certain level of coolness to wear sunglasses like Ozzy Osbourne, but an easy way to try is by wearing any funky shaped glasses such as heart, half-moon or cat eye. Any combination of these accessories is guaranteed to be a hit!