ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Play on Prints

Even though the northern states seem like they’re locked in a never ending winter, down south, it’s starting to warm up. People who are used to 105 degree summers are jumping at every chance to break out their lighter clothing. Even though it’s not quite summer yet, wearing looser tops and shedding layers are great ways to transition to warmer styles. This Fashionista really shows off her style by using accessories that accent her otherwise simple outfit.

You might think that warm accents, including brown and purple tones, are more of a fall trend, but when paired with a classic white blouse, they’re perfect for transitional outfits. Dark pants, rather than jeans, add a sophisticated edge without completely leaving your winter closet. Utilizing these two style essentials as a foundation, you can accessorize using different items but stay within the same color family.

A watch, like this Fossil vintage muse, is a quintessential and timeless component of any outfit. She ties it in by matching the leather strap of her watch with this J.Crew skinny belt. Thinner belts are a great way to present a cleaner, chic look for a modern ensemble. This Sydney satchel in Fossil’s signature pattern coupled with her cheetah print loafers adds texture to an otherwise restrained outfit. She pulls this whole outfit together with a touch of personal flair using her purple KORS Michael Kors glasses. While they aren’t brown, the darker shade of purple blends in seamlessly with the rest of her accessories.

How To: Since spring is right around the corner, try using different prints, possibly in floral. Make sure your shirt is a bright color to keep away from being overwhelmed by these heavier, winter pieces. Jewelry, such as statement necklaces and cute earrings, should match the metal tone of your watch.