ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Passage To India

Traveling the world may not top everyone’s bucket list, but it certainly tops mine. For those of us who experience severe cases of wanderlust, the way we dress can serve as a great placeholder for when traveling halfway across the world isn’t an option. From Cuba to Cairo, an outfit can be reminiscent of cultures and countries. This Fashionista makes me want to pack my bags and book a one-way ticket to India. She appears well traveled in an ensemble that is an updated take on cultural staple items, taking everyone she encounters on an instant vacation.

This Fashionista stands out in an intricately sequin embroidered skirt—also known as a Lehenga. She pairs the skirt with a simple black tank top in order to pursue a temporary take on traditional styles. Making the skirt the star of the outfit allows this Fashionista to make a look appropriate for almost any occasion. To top it off, one of the Fashionista’s hands is covered in an intricate Henna design, while the other flaunts a bronze etched bangle. She combines fashion and culture to create a look that is more than just wearable; it is inspired.

How To: You too can look as though you spent the summer traveling the world, when in reality you never left your house! Pair a bohemian styled skirt with a tank top that features an intricate design. Make sure your clothing items are rich in colors that are flattering for your skin tone; this will give off the feel that your outfit was purchased in a far away place, not from the mall down the road. Add on arm cuffs in a contrasting metal tone for a well-rounded wanderlust look.