ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Monogram Moment

This past season highlighted the previously tucked away trend of monograms. From the early days of Louis Vuitton to the present day Burberry monogrammed poncho, monograms are once again making their rounds on the runways and in the world of fashion. As a college student, especially one in a sorority, monogramming is both trendy and ubiquitous on college campuses. They can be featured on just about anything: crewnecks, necklaces, handbags and hats.

This Fashionista has mastered this personalized trend while also keeping her casual outfit perfectly simple. She starts off with a gray textured crewneck, black leggings and a fun pair of sneakers to add some color to her outfit. Her addition of a navy down vest is the perfect complement to her navy monogrammed hat and navy jeweled earrings. She even maintains balance in her look by matching the white monogram to the white tank under her sweater. The monogram on her cap is further enhanced by the matching monogram on her navy and green phone case. This is a fashionable way to harmonize her accessory to the rest of her look because she uses a matching monogram and maintains a navy trend. This Fashionista finishes off her outfit with a monogrammed Louis Vuitton cross-body bag. What better way to top off a monogram-themed look that to feature one of the most famous monograms in the fashion industry!

The monogram details in this Fashionista’s look truly make her outfit. It was her attention to detail, such as her matching monograms and navy color palette, that took her casual look to another level. She shows us that sometimes attention to detail and a personal touch can create a truly fashionable look.

If you’re looking to add some personality to a casual look, try a monogram necklace with a matching monogram vest to keep your outfit simple yet make a statement!

How To: Want to wear your initials with pride but don’t know how? Simple! Pair your outfit with a bag or vest featuring your monogram to personalize your look. You can even experiment with matching monogram jewelry such as a necklace or earrings to personalize and accessorize!