ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Little Rain Never Hurt Anyone

So much for hot summer weather. Here in New Jersey it has been cold and rainy for days and it hasn’t been much fun at all. As much as I’m sure everybody would love to stay in sweats and lay on the couch all day, some people actually have to leave the house and look presentable in this horrible weather.

With all of the rain, I thought it would be perfect to talk about how to accessorize when the weather isn’t so hot. This look is a good mix of cute springtime clothes and rain gear. Nobody wants to go back to bundling up in bulky sweatshirts and rain jackets in the summer. She does a perfect job of incorporating lighter clothes into this outfit. She chooses a loose T-shirt under a light cotton jacket so that she’s not trapped under hot and heavy clothing. Rain boots are obviously a must-have for the rain. This Fashionista has a pair of plain black rain boots on the shorter side, which give a very nice and sleek look with her black jeans. Rain boots have become much more popular as companies are offering so many different colors, patterns and heights. Another key rain accessory is an umbrella. Here, she tops off the look with a bright blue umbrella that matches perfectly with her scarf. These two simple aspects throw in that little bit of color to keep the summer vibes alive.

How To: Keeping it bright and colorful when the sun isn’t doing it’s job is always a good idea! You can create so many fun looks between the endless options of rain boot styles and patterns of umbrellas. Don’t want to carry an umbrella around all day? No problem, grab a fun rain jacket that will brighten up anyone’s day!