ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Little Bit of Lippy

This Fashionista has thrown the antiquated “no white after Labor Day” rule on its head and proven that white really is the hottest winter color. It is obvious that the weather is Westchester has long transitioned from chilly to cold but even as the dreaded winter kicks into high gear, a classic white button-down, gray jeans and plum lipstick create the perfect ensemble to wear to class or to hail in the winter.

Nuance is the name of the game in this outfit. The Fashionista uses her accessories to bring subtle splashes of color to a monochrome base. Her plum lipstick adds a seasonal pop of color; while her crocodile skin bag, metallic necklace and suede booties create texture and movement in the outfit. One is hardly starved for choice when selecting a lipstick these days but when dressing for the winter, darker is always better. Finish off any outfit with a matte plum, burnt orange or deep red lippy for a refined yet edgy twist.

How To: Not sold on the traditional white button-down? Take a tip from this Fashionista and find a younger alternative to the conventional shirt. Pair an open back with a pretty black lace bra or bandeau. This Fashionista has used a metallic necklace, but feel free to substitute it with any chunky rings, bracelets or earrings you might have at home. Be sure to keep the colors the same though, too many variations in the jewelry will take away from the sophistication of the monochrome base. Make this effortless, fun look your own and most importantly, bring on the winter!