ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Lesson in Layering

ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Lesson in Layering

It is finally starting to feel like winter here in Virginia. This means the first snow fall, hot chocolate, comfy flannels, thick wool scarfs and fur coats.  However, with winter comes the frigid cold and the desire to be warm and comfortable rather than be fashionable. Is it possible to be warm and comfortable while still putting your best foot forward? Why yes, it is! Staying on-trend while braving the winter air is a lot easier than it seems. Here’s what you’ll need to incorporate these tips into your winter wardrobe.

The first order of layering; begin with the thinnest layer closest to your body. A thin layer can consist of a cotton shirt, a dress shirt or in this case a warm button-down flannel. Next, you’ll want to let your layer be known, let it speak for itself. The point of a layer is essentially any article of clothing that can be worn on its own, but for layering purposes, this flannel is used to add warmth. There are multiple ways to layer pieces; a sweater could be placed on top of the flannel, or possibly even a jean jacket…the layering possibilities are endless! The shearling lining in this olive Topman parka gives the illusion of an added layer to the outfit which adds warmth while still having that comfort.

Another layering tip I wanted to add, which will be VERY handy for those cold winter days, is to add wool boot socks. If you have a favorite pair of pants and they so happened to be a little on the short side, it’s okay! Embrace your ankle pants by adding a fun pair of wool socks to complete the outfit.

How To: Still not sure how to master the layering look? Begin with a basic T-shirt, and then begin to add your favorite textured pieces—and don’t forget your coat for warmth!