There are few things cooler than someone who isn’t afraid to take a risk with her accessories. I mean, think about it: Eva Chen is able to don Teva sandals whilst looking like a million bucks, and The Man Repeller has convincingly made a case for why handbags that resemble bugs should be accessory staples. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fashion innovators who love to get a little weird with their accessories and consequently make all of us want to do the same. Accessories are an area where we can have fun; they’re usually dainty enough that they can afford to be outlandish but just obvious enough to make a statement.

This Fashionista kept that idea in mind when adding the finishing touches to her look. Her outfit as a whole was adorable and perfect for a long, cold day of walking to and from classes. She kept it classic by pairing her army green parka with skinny jeans and a pair of brown combat boots. When I first passed by her on campus, however, I couldn’t help but take notice of her one of a kind hair clips. Rather than using a bobby pin to pull back her hair, she used hair clips that looked like tiny skeleton hands. The pieces added a touch of quirkiness to the outfit and served as a definite conversation starter. (They also made the boring bobby pins I was using to pin back my hair pale immensely in comparison.)

I know I speak for many when I say that wearing bold accessories can be a scary thing. Even though your heart flutters with joy upon first seeing a pair of Ryan Gosling earrings, you may not initially consider them a practical addition to your jewelry collection out of fear of being a bit too quirky. This Fashionista proved that a little whimsy can lend a helping hand (quite literally) in making an outfit distinctly yours, and when you truly love a piece and wear it with pride, it will always work in perfectly with what you’re wearing.

How To: Ready to start having fun with adding details to your own outfits? Take a cue from this Fashionista and start out with some skeleton hand clips. As this Fashionista proved, they can go with anything and are sure to start a long and wondrous journey of risk taking.