Confession time, ladies: we all have that one pair of shoes that we absolutely adore, but end up sitting in our closet because we just can’t find the perfect outfit to wear them with. For me, those shoes are always a pair of heels. When you’re constantly on the go in college, heels aren’t exactly the most convenient pair of shoes to throw on. However, heels add a perfect touch of elegance to any outfit if you’re willing to give them the chance.

This Fashionista’s laced heels are to die for! They are so unique, and she really makes them pop by pairing them with blue jeans and neutral tones. These heels give the entire outfit an overall mature, yet fun feel, so it’s easy to see how heels can make your personality pop when you wear them! They are also good winter heels because of their similarity to ankle boots, so your feet can stay nice and warm when it gets chilly outside. If you choose to dress up an outfit with heels you definitely want to be comfortable in them, especially if you’re walking around a lot while on your way to class. The height of these heels is perfect because they aren’t too tall, so they’re easy to walk in.

This Fashionista completed her look with some dainty pieces of jewelry and a cute pair of sunglasses, as well as a sweater to keep cozy.

How To: If you want a look that resembles this Fashionista, try to keep the focus of the outfit on the heels by wearing neutral tones. So go ahead, take out those heels that have been sitting in your closet and show them off!