ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Delicate Touch Can Do So Much

You spent your paycheck at Sephora, your last dollar in the vending machine and your last quarter in the laundry room. You’re dirt poor and sick or wearing the same old garb and staring at the same scene in your shopping spree deprived closet. Go ahead. Cry it out for a minute or two.

Now, wipe those tears with last year’s sweater and get down to business! It’s time to stop focusing on the big picture and hone in on all the details.

DIY up-cycle trends are all the rage on Pinterest. Don’t think you can’t use your resources to spiff up your style with some old scraps laying around flying under your radar. This Fashionista is the perfect example of a girl who knows how to ball on a budget.

Looking like she just walked out of the latest style report in Teen Vogue, our crafty contender shows off her one-of-a-kind lace choker made from vintage lace she found laying around her house. Could she have easily dropped five bucks at Forever 21 for the same look with a little less work? Totally. Would it have left her wallet a little lighter? Absolutely.

It’s the little details here and there that can add up a lot if you can spare yourself a trip to the mall for some retail therapy. Pair a delicate choker like this with a solid white peek-a-boo shoulder top like this one, a basic pair of blue jeans and some flat sandals on your first DIY debut to keep the look simple and easy to manipulate and wear again with a completely different flair.

How To: When it comes to revamping your style on tight funds, never let your bank account keep you down! Small changes like this will save you bank in the long run and teach you to be thrifty and work with what you got. So are you ready to accept the challenge? Put your design skills to the test and literally create your own style. After all, buying new clothes is so last season.