July 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

Nothing quite says the ’90s like tattoo chokers and scrunchies! Odds are you had at least one of these accessories during the last decade of the 20th century. They embody the grunge era, teenage angst, and even a bit of childhood nostalgia. Britney Spears, the Olsen Twins and Drew Barrymore are just a few of the many celebrities who rocked the trend in its heyday. Now, you can too! The ’90s are back and better than ever.

This Fashionista completed her ’90s-inspired look with a faux leather scrunchie from American Apparel and a black tattoo choker from Brandy Melville. She looks like she just stepped out of the movie Clueless! Her mom jeans, thrifted tie dye Beatles T-shirt, Vans and flannel amp up the ’90s vibe. All that’s missing is a portable CD player in hand and big headphones! This outfit is perfect for a day of shopping, hanging out with friends or watching Friends re-runs on Netflix.

Not sure where to find a choker or scrunchie? No Brandy Melville or American Apparel near you? Take a chill pill! Head to your local Hot Topic for a choker, or even check out Amazon.com. As for the scrunchie, ask your mom if she has any hiding somewhere. If not, you can find simple ones at stores like Target and Walmart.

How To: Secure your ‘do with a scrunchie and put on a choker for an edgy addition to your look. Any outfit can be an instant ’90s hit. It’s all in the details.