All In The Details: '80s Grunge

History repeats itself, and fashion is no exception to the rule. We constantly see styles come and go and past decades relive their glory days in modern clothing choices. Fashion week showed an abundance of ’80s-inspired style for fall 2015, taking a trip back over three decades.

This Fashionista was grateful that her mom decided to keep her old wardrobe around, which she expressed provides her with clothes that are both currently on trend and exudes a vintage feel. A trip to her mom’s closet can replace a trip to the mall, both of which can bring similar findings (except hers are actually vintage). On her way to the Beyoncé concert in Chicago—a perfect event for a dark, grungy look—she sported both vintage Levi Brand Jeans shorts and black combat boots that her mom donned back in the ’80s.

One of the most eye-catching parts of this Fashionista’s outfit was her rope necklace, and Jeremy Scott showed similar accessories worn on his models in his fall 2015 collection. This necklace complemented her outfit in a not-too-little and not-too-overboard way. Her shirt was a classic from Forever 21 but was a consignment store find. The peek of a black bralette we see under her shirt was both tasteful and exciting, giving her outfit an understated something extra.

Finding a Fashionista at the Beyoncé Formation World Tour was difficult only because there were so many amazing outfits to choose from! From Beyoncé graphic T-shirts to monochromatic grunge and bodysuits, Beyoncé’s empowerment definitely spread to her audience’s clothing choices, and this outfit stood out in the best way.

How to: Distressed denim is one of the easiest ways to give an effortless, grunge vibe. Instead of searching for the perfect pair, you can make your own by cutting a pair of old jeans! Pair them with a black top and accessories that complete the look. Minimal, makeup finishes the effortless look.