ALL IN THE DETAILS: 50 Shades of Sunglasses

Regardless of the temperature, the sun can still poke through the wintery weather. Over the summer Fashionistas/os rocked colorful, patterned and large sunglasses that not only protected their eyes from the sun’s rays, but also kept them stylish. In the winter months sunglasses are still a must, but they must be appropriate for the season.

This Fashionisto’s Knockaround sunglasses are eye catching, with their frosted lenses and sleek design. His walk to class was in dire need of some sun protection on a perfectly sunny February day. Staying warm, he paired the glasses with a blue-patterned Modern Amusement shirt, khaki pants and fleece-lined jacket. Though simplistic, each detail of the outfit complements the other in color or texture. The sunglasses, however, are the key feature of this ensemble because of their bold look and rad lenses.

While this Fashionisto chose a sleeker look, there are so many unique options of shades to choose from! Here is a pair of foldable glasses that are easy to put away. If you want something a little different, try a rounded frame or crazy colored lens. Stylish shades don’t have to be expensive either, here is a pair of affordable glasses that is sure to still catch a few eyes.

How To: Simply find a pair of sunglasses that fits your personality and style! It’s simple and there are so many price ranges, styles and combinations to choose from. Sunglasses are also an accessory that do not have to be worn throughout the day, so you do not have to worry about them being perfectly perfect next to your overall look. You want your shades to be stylish, but UV protection and durability are a must!