ALL IN THE DETAIL: Layers and Lace

As an addition to work, school and family life, there are errands and household duties that need to be performed. I’ve realized that while running errands, I usually try to slip on some leggings and a shirt with my hair pulled into a bun. I’ve fallen into this on-the-run fashion when I try to quickly get things done. I’ve just noticed this rut I’ve caught myself in and made a mental note to make time to dress up and take care of myself like I used to when I’d be on the go. Throwing on cute dresses or outfits and applying light lipstick or even lip gloss will be a great beginning to the end of my rut.

This Fashionista inspired my clothing choice for my next errand run. Her style is so vintage with the lace and layered dress. The lace sleeves and tiered front of the dress allow her arms and legs to breathe. Her belt is amazing! I’d like to add some popping color using a red belt for my next errand run. The Fashionista is wearing cute boots which are perfect for walking distances because the heel is not arched and she is still looking fashionable. Wearing the boots will allow for swift movements and bearing distances, unlike high heeled shoes which will have me done by the first five minutes of errand runs.

How To: Spice up a vintage style with a layered dress that has a sailor or militant look. If wearing black attire, add color by a singular item or accessory such as a belt, lipstick or a necklace.