ALL IN DETAILS: Triple Threat

When it comes to the summer, I really like to shift completely into the summer wardrobe. For example, I completely let go of the jeans and tights, for the maxi dresses, shorts and rompers.  An aspect of fashion that is always popular during the summer is dresses! Whether it’s a sun dress or a maxi dress, they always come back into style! Whether the dresses represent summer colors or not, they always come back into style. For some reason dark colors manage to stay as well.

This Fashionista is wearing a perfect example of the maxi dress trend that’s going on this summer. She is wearing a floral black maxi dress. Besides the fact that this Fashionista is rocking a maxi dress, the details on the dress are also a trend as well. I like to consider this outfit a triple threat, because you have a maxi dress with a slit  and an open back. I have noticed that the detailed backs on a dress is something that’s really in now, especially with the slit combination too. She styled this outfit with some laced up black pointy flats, accessorized it with a bronze colored watch and black shades.The beauty of maxi dresses is that they can easily be dressed up and dressed down. The pointy flats, are a representation of a classy look and wearing them with this maxi dress, makes this attire appropriate for a special day/night out. The details on this outfit  are indeed a summer trend! Slits and lace-up shoes have come back and I’m sure they’re here to stay!

How to: A look like this one can easily be pulled off, whether you go to your local H&M, Forever 21 or Topshop and buy a maxi dress. Or make one of your own. You can buy a maxi dress that comes with an open back and cut a slit or two on it yourself. Also, If you want to rock a casual look with this maxi dress instead, throw on some flip flops or sandals and call it a day. Turn your date outfit into a festival or beach attire.