PSA: These Under-the-Radar Instagram Brands Are As Affordable As They Are Cool

July 27th, 2018 at 5:00am

I don’t know how I survived shopping before Instagram. I’ve always had an obsession with finding cool brands. But discovering those brands as a teen in Kentucky with only dial-up internet connection and a basic knowledge of eBay was a lost cause. So when someone opened my eyes to Instagram and all its wonders in high school, my life changed almost instantly.

While fashion brands weren’t quite as easy to find on the platform in its early days, Instagram is now a treasure trove I look to constantly for new designers and unique pieces. While there’s no shortage of brands to obsess over, as a young adult who tries to be financially responsible, I’ve found that I can’t afford most of them just yet. And that’s fine—designers should get paid well for the artwork they create, and that may just mean I can’t buy their clothes for now. But that also means when I do find pieces that cost less than a month’s rent, I kind of freak out.

Being able to inform others about cool but accessible new brands is so exciting to me. And since I’ve kind of made that my mission in life, I’ve discovered some seriously awesome under-the-radar and affordable brands on Instagram that I can’t not share with you. Without further ado, here are four Instagram accounts you need to know about now that you can actually afford.


T-shirt enthusiasts, this one’s for you. Marsanne’s handmade tees are anything but basic, and—even better—no two are alike. Check them out for all your “artistic streetwear needs” at shockingly good prices.

Shop my picks: Marsanne Human Cropped Tee ($25), Marsanne Chordata Tee ($69), Marsanne Bubble Gum Girl Tee ($29)

PHOTO: @shop_sax_b

Sax B

According to the brand’s website, “The idea for Sax B bags came about when the University of Alabama changed their stadium bag policy.” Thus, a line of clear bags was born. Now, Sax B sells a range of products, from envelope pouches to mini wallets, but we’re definitely partial to the original clear bag designs.

Shop my picks: Sax B The Simply Striped Pouch ($25), Sax B The Small Tote With Acrylic Rectangle Handles ($85), Sax B Snake Skin Zipper Pouch ($12)

Dreamers Not Allowed

This Barcelona-based brand clearly understands Instagram-worthy clothing (hello, graphic tees and pastel tank tops), and I am 100% here for it. Plus, their website states that they use organic cotton, deadstock fabrics, and handmade prints so that their garments are produced in a sustainable way—a major win in my book.

Shop my picks: Dreamers Not Allowed Daniela Skirt (€35), Dreamers Not Allowed Lilly Hand Made Top (€32), Dreamers Not Allowed Joanna Jacket (€65)

Affordable Instagram Brands

PHOTO: @brianamone_


I’m forever searching for summer pieces I can feel good in, and BrianaMoné clearly has the warm weather wardrobe down to a science. My favorite part about this brand is the fact that every piece is handmade to order, so you can be sure you’re getting an original item no matter what you buy.

Shop my picks: BrianaMoné Viva Skirt ($30), BrianaMoné Viva Top ($12), BrianaMoné Skimpy Bikini Top ($18)

What are some affordable brands you’ve discovered on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening image by @dreamersnotallowed.