The 3 Things Every Recent Grad Needs To Hear

Recently, I find myself fantasizing about life a year from now. If you’re a young person (or anyone with a sense of imagination/sentimentality/boredom), you may be pondering the same thing. During your post-grad year, your rootlessness can sometimes turn to restlessness. The need to keep evolving and changing is always present—and sometimes that can mean be scary.

Now with a diploma in hand and tassel on the other side of my hat, the future feels more pressing than ever. I bounce between pangs of nostalgia for a few months prior and repeating “If not now, then when,” to myself as I take my first baby steps in post-grad life. The thing is: I’m realizing this is totally 100 percent okay—life will be different in 365 days from now, just as it was last year at this time.

Growth is inevitable and important. Not being able to see the end of the tunnel can be scary, but it’s also a fact in not being a student for the first time in your life. I asked three former Style Gurus for their perspectives on being out of school—from their personal lives to careers to general advice, these girls are one year out and one year wiser.

Megan Gegler (@gegmegler)

“People always says that best of your life is college. For me, I’m having the best time now,” said Megan on life outside of school. “Although I’m busy and have my hands in a few pots at work, I’m learning so much about myself and my work ethic. Outside of work, I’ve loved being able to enjoy all the city has to offer [since not being in school].”

And what she’s discovered in the last year? “Since graduating and moving, I’ve learned the value of alone time—it’s essential in a place as busy as New York City.”

Reina Sekiguchi (@reilucy)

Last year, Reina graduated from Barnard College and has worked at Bloomingdale’s in buying and merchandising ever since. “As someone who was always eager to enter the “real world” while I was a student, I have enjoyed the social and financial independence that has come with adulthood. And not having homework isn’t too bad either!”

“I am lucky that many of my college friends have stayed in New York City after graduation,” she added. “Having such a strong support system has made the transition out of college relatively seamless, and I have felt extremely grateful for my friends, both old and new, in the past year.”

Eva Thomas (@_evavictoria_)

Eva offered some perspective to any new graduates: “Even if things might not be working out the way you planned, there are wonderful things happening in your life every day!”

“Focus on those and all other things will fall into place.”

Feeling lost? Been there, done that, and lived to tell about it? Sound off in the comments below to continue to conversation and inspire others to keep on keeping on!