What 10 Students Wish They'd Known As Freshmen

October 3rd, 2017 at 1:07am

Anyone in college can relate to the struggle of being a freshman. Before that dreaded move-in date arrives, you are desperately seeking as much helpful advice as possible to avoid any major catastrophes. One thing I noticed as I entered college though was that the “advice” people gave me was usually very vague and stereotypical. I didn’t find it very useful in the end. So, I gathered some advice from members of the college fashionista community to see what they would tell their former selves. Keep reading to see what they wish they had known as freshmen in college.

“Get involved! Join clubs, go to games, just get involved! Not only will you meet new people and make new friends, but you’ll have tons of memories from getting involved at your school.” – Itunu Aromolaran

“Don’t take everything so seriously and personally!” – Megan Wilson

“You have the rest of your life to figure things out.” – Shakira Baez Leon

PHOTO: Natalie Miller

“Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone else does! People are all different.” – Siera Nezaj

“Freshman year is one giant retail therapy session. It’s impulsive and confusing. By the time you’ve figured out how to wear it, you’ve most likely outgrown it.” – James Chamberlain

“Don’t be scared of your professors! If you reach out to them they will help you more than you think they could. They are your friends and your best resources.” – MacKinley Lutes-Adlhoch

PHOTO: Amber Sudra

“Don’t buy books from the bookstore, avoid Friday classes, and never stop allowing yourself to change and grow. Sometimes you won’t keep your freshman friends or boyfriend, or you’ll change your major and your ideas. That’s okay! College is all about change. Just make it for the better.” – Taryn Hoffman

“I think for me the one mistake I made was not talking to an advisor. I think freshmen either have too many people or the wrong people giving them advice and it can get confusing and overwhelming.” – Kayla Barrow

“Don’t expect freshman year to be the best year of your life—it will probably be the worst of your four years in undergrad. You’ll be spending the year figuring practically everything out, like your friends, your major options, your career path, and even yourself, and all of this will definitely be messy.” – Natalie Geisel

PHOTO: Kaitlyn Antoniadis

“There is no strict path you have to follow. If you need to take time off, take time off. If you want to travel, travel. This is your time!” – Iona Bielby

What advice would you give your freshman self? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured photo by Kenia Viezcas.