Adding a Bit of Summer to a Black Wardrobe

Adding a Bit of Summer to a Black Wardrobe

Do you feel like your black wardrobe needs a touch of summer? If this Fashionista can be styled in a color other than black, you can too. Adding small pops of color through accessories, makeup, or even a shirt can bring a hint of summer into your otherwise dark look. Although we all love a simple all-black outfit, it’s always fun to find fun ways to incorporate at least a little bit of color during the spring and summer months.

For this look, I decided to pick a color that has become increasingly popular over the past few months—yellow. Although it feels like yellow normally gets a lot of hate, people are finally warming up to this awesome color. This yellow top is simple and comfortable but is still very trendy and looks great paired with black jean shorts! This is a bright top that can be paired with all of the black clothing that your heart desires because it becomes the centerpiece of the outfit. Pairing this look with a simple pair of Adidas sneakers is a great athleisure touch. Another simple way to incorporate some color is to get a pop of color instead of a neutral when you get your nails done. This Fashionista chose to rock the bright yellow, similar to the top’s color. This is an easy way to incorporate some fun and brightness into your everyday outfit.

For another outfit combo, throwing on a colored bomber jacket to an all black and white outfit can add a nice touch to a summer look. This pink bomber jacket is a trendy and cute way to add a different color to your outfit. This way, you can keep your all black outfits while simply throwing on a jacket for that pop of color.

How do you add more color to your summer looks? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.

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