How to Add a Vintage Touch to Your Summer Outfit

Rome is such a breathtaking city where every corner has a long history. Since I am studying abroad here, I decided to put on some vintage clothes and dive into this wonderful summer journey in Rome.

Wearing something light in such hot weather is always a good choice. In this outfit, I chose one of my favorite pink dresses paired with white loafers and a pair of round sunglasses. This pink dress is very special and unique in terms of its design. You can also choose other little, light-colored dresses that can add a touch of femininity and sexiness. The loafer is one of the recently popular must-haves. This white loafer is very simple, so it just complements the outfit perfectly. A pair of simple white or black heeled sandals is also a great choice.

For the accessories, I choose a round, vintage-looking earring. This type of big, round metal earring will look even better on you if you have short hair. It’s summer, so a pair of sunglasses is a necessity. I bought these sunglasses the minute I saw the. Their retro, round shape with the gold metal material makes the look more classic and elegant.

This look suits a lot of occasions, from a regular school day to even a special occasion. The colors pink and white keep the look clean and fresh. So, when you don’t know what to wear during the summer, just pick a little pink dress with white heels or sandals!

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