How I Achieve Summer Tranquility

For me, the summer is all about tranquility and mental preparation for the next school year. Each summer I take an online course to stay fresh, but definitely need my rest and relaxation! This is one of my favorite places to venture to in the summer months. You can leisurely hang out on the bridge, or climb down and get a little wet in the falls!

I often use this spot as a meditation area. I bring a few chimes with me for maximum tranquility.

First, sage. While using a sage-infused cream almost every night, I still enjoy the original burning of sage. Burning sage is one of the oldest methods of cleansing bad energy from a person or place. The Latin word for sage is, “Salvia.” It steams from the verb “to heal.” With this also comes wisdom, clarity and increasing spiritual awareness. One must keep a positive mind and have set intentions before lighting the sage.

Next, my abalone shell. Often sage is wrapped into a bunch and the end is lit. The stick of sage is waved throughout the area. The sage leaves can also be individually plucked and burnt in the shell. This is called the Sacred Smoke Bowl Ritual. Abalone shells are gifts from the sea, completing the unity of signs:
Water (abalone shell)
Earth (unlit herb)
Fire (burning sage)
Air (smoke produced)
Smoke is attached to negativity, which is why rituals often entail the burning of items. The smoke rises and drifts away, and as does the negative energy.

Lastly, I brought my amethyst tree of life. Amethyst is a protective stone, guarding against psychic attack, stress and ill wishes. It is a tranquil stone—soothing irritability, mood swings, rage, fear and anxiety. Amethyst, like sage, has healing and cleansing qualities. The crystals even encourage sobriety, as the mind expands and memory becomes clearer with the help of the crystal. It helps provide tranquility, balance, and peace within one’s life.

I make it a habit to find a new spot each week. I always bring my meditation tools and clear my mind!

How do you relax during the summer? Do you have any favorite practices? Let us know in the comments below!