Oh, Florida…Where the sun always shines and the humidity never fades. It’s January and the temperatures are still hitting 80 degrees, as if it was mid-July. I believe Mother Nature may be a bit confused with her seaons. It’s difficult to dress in these conditions because you can’t wear the beanies and boots that are currently trending and you can’t follow summer trends in the winter! So this Fashionista switched it up and traded her beanie for a Panama hat and her leather boots for her suede booties, creating the perfect winter look for this summer weather.

Let’s start off with the Fashionista’s choice of colors. This is a key factor when dressing for each season. While colors such as pink, orange and yellow are trending in the summer, winter tends to be much more modest. Black is obviously a main color to pull each ensemble together, and this Fashionista’s choice of rich navy blue shorts added just the right amount of pop for the season.

The Fashionista continued with the winter trends by sporting her suede Panama hat. These are a great way to either block the sun from your face, save your hair from the humidity or just rock a super cute hat! This hat could be worn year-round, which makes it a necessity in everyone’s closet. Next, this Fashionista continued with the winter trend with her quilted Tory Burch shoulder bag. The material is most definitely a popular winter trend this year. She finished off her look with suede booties, which are a great alternative to the knee-high leather boots that all the Fashionistas are wearing up north.

All the way from the tip of her hat to the toes of her booties, this Fashionista really knew how to dress for the season and the weather. In Florida, it’s all about adapting.

How To: Try out this Panama hat and these booties to pull your winter look together in this summer heat.