A Sun-Kissed Classic Look

A Sun-Kissed Classic Look

Summer is upon us, and so are the multiple events coming up during the breezy sun-kissed days. From concerts or dates, to weddings, and everything in-between, a girl can never have too many dresses! Summer dresses can be super-easy—you just throw them on and go. With all the different silhouettes, textures, fabrics, and prints, you can find a different type of dress for any occasion.

The look pictured is a favorite of mine simply because it’s both flirty and effortless. Personally, I’m huge fan of minimalist fashion looks—simple looks that are never boring, always chic. Off-the-shoulder was a huge trend this past year and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Rocking an off-the-shoulder look works great on any almost body type and adds a feminine touch to any look. Whether you want to add bold statement pieces or minimal jewelry, the look will be beautiful without having to do too much.

The dress (which I bought at Forever 21) is perfect because it speaks for itself. The detailing around the neckline and sleeves is what first caught my eye. It has a keyhole opening in the front, which gives a sexy vibe to the look without overdoing it. Since the dress is the main piece, I added statement hot pink fringe earrings for another pop of color, so not to take away. The shoes I chose were a strappy pair of heels with buckled detailing up the sides to add some dimension.

Now, the “little summer dress” dress you choose doesn’t have to look anything like mine but here are some quick tips you should stick with when you are choosing that perfect summer dress:

  1. Fabric is Everything – Choose a fabric that is breathable and flowy. Trust me, no one likes the feeling of clothes sticking to their skin and heavy fabrics that weigh you down through the day or night.
  2. Shake it Up – Choose fun patterns or styles, like cut outs or an open-back! Try a bold designs, or show some skin! Just remember not to try too much in one outfit. Don’t be afraid to have fun, however, the key to great summer dress style is simplicity, so don’t go overboard if you add some funky elements.
  3. Comfort is Key– Choose something that makes you feel comfortable. Sometimes showing too much skin or wearing something too tight can make almost anyone feel uncomfortable. No one wants to feel like they have to adjust themselves every minute. Making sure you’re comfortable—feeling your best while looking your best—is the top priority.

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