7 Apps Every College Student Totally Needs

August 24th, 2017 at 2:00am
7 Apps Every College Student Totally Needs

Whether you are on your way to class, studying with a friend, going out for the night, or just working out, you always have your phone with you. Since millennials use their phones for both social and educational reasons, here are seven apps I believe every college student should have.

1—Venmo. With this app, you can transfer money from your credit/debit card right to your friends’ accounts! No need to have to remember to pay them back, just transfer the money right then and there while waiting in line for that must-have burrito.

2—Uber. Uber is a “taxi service” where you can set a “pick up location” and a car will be on its way immediately. Uber is perfect when you are at the library really late during finals week or after a night of going out when those heels can’t take one more step. I think Uber is very helpful and inexpensive. Uber rides vary in price, but staying around my college town, my payment is always under $20!

3—Find My Friends. This app lets your friends know where you are at all times if you share your location with them. In this crazy world we live in, you never know what may happen. It makes me feel safe that my friends know where I am at all times incase something does ever happen to me.

4—Pocket Points. In the beginning of the semester, you can upload your schedule and Pocket Points will track when you are in class. If you stay off your phone during your classes, your points will rack up. Once you get a certain amount of points, you can use them towards your bookstore, favorite eateries, and sometimes for online shopping like Amazon.

5—Ur Campus Portal. This is the most important app and it helps you stay organized. It has everything from dining hall menus, maps, updates from your professors, and even upcoming events at your fingertips! This was helpful because if a professor canceled class, I got a notification right away. Or, if you are an incoming freshman and don’t want to look lost with a big map, just use this app’s map and no one will know.

6—Order Up/Uber Eats. These two apps will deliver food right to your apartment or wherever you are on campus. Too busy studying in your room and do not have the energy to make food or walk to get food? Then get it delivered straight to your door!

7—Quizlet. This app lets you create notecards and will play games with you to help you study. Not only can you make your own note cards, but you can search your class and professor and notecards that students have made in the past will come up. I think it is much easier to have all of my notecards for all of my classes organized on my phone rather than having to keep notecards organized in my backpack!

What is your favorite app? Let me know in the comments below!