5 Tips for Your Rainy Day Wardrobe

Summer has a way of inspiring the fashion soul—so when rainy days are abound during the season, I know I often find myself uninspired and discouraged when it comes to expressing myself. I know my hair will just get frizzy and my jeans will get wet, so I would rather just toss my hair into a bun and throw on some ratty sweatpants than stay true to my personal style. My friend and I frequent the local bagel shop in our town, and on this very rainy day, she showed me the spirit of a true Fashionista, representing herself through her style despite the discouraging weather. Drawing from her look as inspiration, I have compiled five tips for your rainy day wardrobe to inspire myself and other Fashionistas to stay true to our summer style, even when the weather may not!

1. Get creative with your coat—We all know that jackets are essential in the rain—there is no way your meticulously planned outfit is getting soaked. But instead of choosing your usual bright yellow rain jacket, try something out of the box like this Fashionista did here! She is wearing a blue and green plaid blazer; not only does this extra layer keep her dry, but it makes her look unique and interesting as well.

2. Cool your heels—While it may be easy to reach for your clunky galoshes or knee-high rain boots, do not be afraid of using your shoes as a statement piece on a gloomy day. This Fashionista opted for purple thigh-high suede boots, and provided you will not be spending all day outside in the rain, a bold look like this is perfect for brightening up a rainy day.

3. Boldly go where no accessory has gone before—Just because the rain dulls the sparkle does not mean you should, too. Do not be afraid to accessorize a little extra to makeup for the gloomy weather—you can try out a simple gold necklace, or even some bold gold hoop earrings. You will be sure to shine even when the sun is not.

4. Utilize that setting spray—Fear of rain misting your face should not deter you from creating a unique makeup look on a cloudy day. You can create a smoky eye using gold-toned eyeshadow, and make the look pop with a bold red lip. Then apply some setting spray, and trust in the makeup gods that your look survives the run from the car to the indoors.

5. Summer-ize your pieces—Because the outdoors may not be giving off particularly summer-y vibes on a rainy day, it is now up to you to let everyone know what season it is. Choose a floral print, (I know, I know…florals? For summer? Groundbreaking.) to cheer up an otherwise dull day. You can wear a dress, too, rather than pants. Not only will you feel free, but you will remind everyone of the cheerful season it really is!

Whether you employ all of these tips, or only one, your rainy days will surely be more inspired and bright than if you just opt for sweatpants and rain boots!

Are there any special trends or pieces you like to wear when it’s rainy out? Share your unique ideas in the comments below, or show us on social media by tagging @Cfashionista!